Active Constructive Inquiry-Based Communication: A Childfulness Anecdote

We were always fascinated by the benefits of an Inquiry-Based Learning, as supported by multiple studies. However, we never had a chance to witness and experience it with today’s intensity, in-person, until today.

Our morning today started with a series of questions and answers with Ivan, where he showed us some strange looking figures he created last night. It goes like this:

  • S: What is this Ivan?
  • I: This is a new type of animal I have made.
  • S: How do you mean new type?
  • I: It has been observed for the first time on planet earth, that is why.
  • S: So, how can we know more about it?
  • I: Maybe we need to keep it in our lab (a small room where he keeps all science related stuff)
  • S: Oh OK. Do you mean that we have to follow the development, growth, activities and patterns to be able to tell?
  • I: Yes.
  • S: OK, then how shall we classify it – whether Invertebrates or Vertebrates?
  • I: It’s too early to say that because they might undergo metamorphosis, so still under observation, however, one thing is for sure that they have seven legs.
  • S: Cool, then we can refer them to as “Heptapods”.
  • I: No, I have a name for it already. It is “iopagants”.
  • S: (I did not seek the rationale at this point, instead thought of giving him a lead, I asked him) So which Phylum and Class is it, can we tell?
  • I: What is that?
  • S: Well, you may need to research about it! (of course, we need to be realistic in our approach and expertise, we cannot know all answers ourselves, even if we know, it is better to consult expert resources)
  • I: What is research? (Meanwhile, I had to attend doorbell, so he directed his question to his mother)
  • I: Mumma, what is research?
  • A: What I understand is that you search here, you seek there, search everywhere and collect relevant information about something, then you come up with a conclusion – that is research. For example, every day you ask so many questions, like this one, sometimes you google, and then you try to make an idea out of those answers in your mind. Similarly, we do our search from many sources of information, and then come up with an idea or an understandable picture of it.
  • I: Ohhhh… (he gave a deep thought and then went ahead for breakfast)

After we were done with our breakfast, we tried to review our discussion, and realised that this discussion had some Immediate and Collateral takeaways for us a Positive Parenting Practitioner:


  1. There is a need to document this entire episode before it becomes a passing conversation and long forgotten, we needed as a benchmark for future conversations
  2. This activity opened new portals in the brain for him to prepare his frontal and pre-frontal cortex to have an understanding of scientific nomenclature and classification; for us that we may need to upgrade our skill set to be able to handle similar occurrences in future
  3. It laid down the foundation that is most sought after – a pull strategy – a self-motivated learning culture for children
  4. It is a testament of the fact that the parent partnership model as also supported by Ivan’s school (Middleton International), does play an integral part in developing a Positive Education Process


  1. This anecdote shares few parallels with the 4D Model of Discovery, Dream, Design, Destiny as used in “Appreciative Inquiry” (something to Research further now 😊)
  2. We never though that once a general and playful interest in LEGO bricks and pieces would lead on to become a conversation starter like this one. Truly, it goes on to say that we are only limited by our own imagination
  3. We need to follow-up with him again in few days in order to reinforce the concept of research and provide relevant examples, to support child’s developing brain

It rarely happens that our morning experiences these instances, however, today’s parenting experience has gone into becoming a history of our Familial Interactions as Strength-Based Parenting. And it has strong roots in the applications of Positive Psychology Culture with usage of Strengths, Active Constructive Guided Communication through Childfulness (a concept initiated by Ivan on 03 February 2020).

Please share your stories with us, it will help us grow as a Positive Parenting Community!




  1. Very nice conversation with respect to positive parenting and children’s curiosity to deal with.
    God bless you all for ongoing GOOD work with extremely Cool Heart and Brain.

    Liked by 2 people

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