MATILDA: A Good Reason For Active Constructive Communication With A Child

Amidst lots of negativity surrounded over COVID-19 news and situation, it is difficult to think of something positive. However, with our Hope and Judgement, we can still make efforts, to engage in something meaningful that distracts our mind. One such thing that we are doing as a family, while #stayhome is reading books and watchingContinue reading “MATILDA: A Good Reason For Active Constructive Communication With A Child”

Situation of COVID-19: A question from my child!!

Today, after having breakfast, we were reading his favourite story book. In one of the stories, they mentioned about a person falling sick. The next question that he immediately asked me was, “Dadda, what is happening in the world because of Coronavirus?” To start with, this question sent shivers down my spine, because the newsContinue reading “Situation of COVID-19: A question from my child!!”

A Crucial “Moment” in Parenting: For A Child’s Positive Psychological Belief System

Today, we (my son and myself) were doing some math problems, and as we were progressing, he slowed down substantially on a problem with three single digit number whose addition was totalling to 10, which he usually does fairly fast. And it immediately struck to me that this is the “moment”. I attribute this decisionContinue reading “A Crucial “Moment” in Parenting: For A Child’s Positive Psychological Belief System”

Perspectives of a stay-at-home dad: On wife’s work-at-home weekend and child’s engagement, in the backdrop of COVID-19

I have always dreaded this situation, ‘when my wife has to work from home on a weekend and I will exhaust all my options of engaging our child.’ And now with the uncertainty owing to COVID-19 situation, this has come to a reality. Unlike other working weekends of my wife, where I had engaged IvanContinue reading “Perspectives of a stay-at-home dad: On wife’s work-at-home weekend and child’s engagement, in the backdrop of COVID-19”

Active Constructive Inquiry-Based Communication: A Childfulness Anecdote

We were always fascinated by the benefits of an Inquiry-Based Learning, as supported by multiple studies. However, we never had a chance to witness and experience it with today’s intensity, in-person, until today. Our morning today started with a series of questions and answers with Ivan, where he showed us some strange looking figures heContinue reading “Active Constructive Inquiry-Based Communication: A Childfulness Anecdote”

Re-engineered Meal Time: An Evolutionary Intervention

Like all parents, we have also had our fair share of tantrums and complaints from our toddler – when it comes to feeding. These include the usual aspects like quantity, timing, taste, colour, and the like. Initially, we were insistent on making him understand the value of nutrition, growth, family time, dinner table meeting, andContinue reading “Re-engineered Meal Time: An Evolutionary Intervention”

Screen Time Agreement: A Strength-Based Approach

Today was a lazy Sunday afternoon. I was browsing through one of the textbooks in the living room and my wife was taking rest in the bedroom after a long week of tireless and long office hours of work (that included Saturday as a working day too). Usually, our boy is always jumping and chirpingContinue reading “Screen Time Agreement: A Strength-Based Approach”

Optimal Use of Strengths

Dear #Friends & #Parents,After introducing yourself and children to the 24 #VIA #CharacterStrengths, it is further important to find an appropriate time to be informed and let them know of their #Optimal usage. With enhanced vocabulary of #Opposite #Absence and #Excess, below is my graphical interpretation. If we are a #dot, then: 1. Positive RightContinue reading “Optimal Use of Strengths”

Role & Journey of A Belief Consultant

As our children keep growing and start making sense of their surroundings, observations, awareness, safety and to some extent in making everyday choices, there is a background process that runs in their brain, that is of building beliefs. It is these beliefs that help them in shaping up their journey of life and making futureContinue reading “Role & Journey of A Belief Consultant”