Making QUOTES IN this journey

  1. “Well-being practices at home, in family settings, have the potential to empower concurrently at least two generations and may have large scale positive effects on the society and future generations.”
  2. “For an optimal journey in child’s development, something that parents can definitely consider – knowing themselves and the needs of their child.” | Analogy – TEA – “While making tea in a kettle, science recommends turning off the heat source when the water boils, however, the timing of heat exposure differs depending on the material of the kettle, source of heat, the composition of water, and the ingredients used.”
  3. “Science and other relevant disciplines, can guide us to provide a direction for parenting, however every family’s journey can be different depending on the needs of their family.” | Analogy – TRAVEL – “When travelling from a starting point ‘A’ to a destination point ‘B’ we may know the direction through a map which is mostly same for all, however our itineraries can be different from each other, depending on what all we choose to do in that journey to suit our needs for best experience”