Well-Being Models

In the process of evolution, our brain tries to make sense of our learning by making different models of well-being. Sharing some of them as we are evolving in this journey 🙂

Positive Parenting Pentagon (PPP) : A Child’s Journey to Purpose

Positive Parenting Pentagon : Purpose (P) >> Strengths Culture (SC) >> Positive Affectivity (PA) >> Social Interactions (SI) >>Purpose (P)

ICRBM : Enhancing Positive Peer Relationships through the Teaching of History in the Upper Secondary Classroom

Inquiry Process (I) >> Critical Analysis (C) >> Suggest Reforms (R) >> Belonging (B) >> Benefit Mindset (M)


CaReSMA – A Positive Education Framework, Inspired From An Adversity of COVID-19 Situation

A Perspective on Overuse, Underuse, and Optimal use of VIA Character Strengths

Source: Ryan M. Niemiec (2019): Finding the golden mean: the overuse,
underuse, and optimal use of character strengths, Counselling Psychology Quarterly, DOI:

Childfulness (Ivan’s Idea of Engagement and Flow)

Based on our Positive Parenting Interactions with Ivan, he has developed his idea of Mindfulness

Learned Optimism

Inspired from the Learned Helplessness Theory and Learned Optimism Concept – both by Dr Martin Seligman

Strength Optimsation

Inspired from Dr Christopher Peterson’s unfinished Masterwork on Strength Optimisation Idea

Intraday Resilience

Based on my discussion with my wife, we developed this model to help augment her workplace well-being

Resilience And Hope – Support Cyclically

Self-Compassion & Choice In Smartphone Notifications & Messages

Based on daily struggles of responding to alerts, notifications and messages – to practise Mindfulness