MATILDA: A Good Reason For Active Constructive Communication With A Child

Amidst lots of negativity surrounded over COVID-19 news and situation, it is difficult to think of something positive. However, with our Hope and Judgement, we can still make efforts, to engage in something meaningful that distracts our mind.

One such thing that we are doing as a family, while #stayhome is reading books and watching child-friendly movies… My son (Ivan) and I recently finished reading a very famous and inspiring book – Matilda and then followed to watch the film by the same name.

At the end of the movie, he asked me something exciting, “Dadda, when is the second season of Matilda going to come?” What followed was a series of back and forth questions and answer session that goes like this:

Me: Well, it is a movie that is adapted from the book written by Roald Dahl, that you have already read. And yes, it can probably have a sequel…

Ivan: When will it come then?

Me: I guess someone needs to write a book first…

Ivan: Who will write the book?

Me: Anyone can write that book; in fact, you can write it as well.

Ivan: Really? Can I? Then how will it be a movie?

Me: Yes, you can, using your strengths of imagination, creativity, humour etc., you can definitely write a book. And when you write, you should be able to feel it, and that other people should be able to connect with it too. Because when they do, your work will be loved by them. Now for it to become a movie, producers, who are the movie makers and business persons, will be glad to make one out of a popular book.

Ivan: Who is a producer?

Me: A producer is a person who invests money to make a movie because it requires many resources and people like preparing a set, movie cameras, costumes, actors, and the like. And they all need to be paid for the work during the process of movie-making.

Ivan: Ohh…I get it. But the first one was written by Roald Dahl, can I still write the second part of it?

Me: Why not? In fact, I know of a book series identified by the name Millennium Series, that has two different authors. The first three books were written by Stieg Larsson and the next three have been written by David Lagercrantz.

Ivan: okay… (deep sigh)

Now, our conversation might have ended right there, but what I am very much sure is that there is a belief that has gone into his brain that if we imagine something and ask a question about the possibility of something, we can, in our capacity, can make an attempt to be able to do it ourselves as well.

Besides, there is a reason why Matilda is his favourite book and movie till date – he feels the urge to be able to help people come out of a situation where they are stuck. He admires the strengths portrayed by the character – Humility, Curiosity, Perspective, Love of Learning, Bravery, Honesty, Zest, Humour, Fairness, Leadership, and Hope, to name a few. They are very well classified by the Values In Action Institute on Character Strengths.

I know that we can be very much overwhelmed by the questions that keep coming from our children. However, there are still many moments, that when handled with a combination of Growth Mindset, and an Active Constructive Communication mechanism can make young minds intrigue and inspire.

This goes on to provide a positive meaning and a connection with something that is much larger a purpose.

Let Us All Make Best Use of Our Stay At Home Time, And Engage In Quality Conversations With Our Children.

With Best Wishes and Gratitude.

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

May All Be Well!


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