A Monday of Childfulness :)

Love of Learning + Curiosity + Creativity = Childfulness

It was a very regular, fast paced Monday morning.

Both of us were trying our best – preparing breakfast, ironing dress, checking socks and shoes, filling water bottle, and the like; to make sure that our son catches his school bus on time.

While were in our flow zones, and in the midst of this hustle, there was one mind who was on his strengths.

Well, that is what we found out when he shared his thoughts, which in his own words were, “we must all try to develop a new skill – a combination of our 3 strengths viz. Love of Learning, Curiosity, and Creativity!”

We were surprised and questioned him further, “how and what do you mean?”

He replied, “I try to explore many things, for instance, this torch with a loop in my hand,” he continued, “I will try to hold it, shake it, circle it, open it and so on.” He wasn’t finished yet, “you call this a childish act, I would rather call it childfulness, because I have a love of learning, and I am curious to know what happens to it, by acting on it with some creative tricks.”

“And you can try this too daddy and mummy!”, he cheered.

This conversation brought all of us to a halt, we let him draft his idea on the whiteboard and hurriedly captured the moment. Though we almost missed the bus today, but I guess, the rush was worth it.

These little sparks that keep on going in their brain are a testament to the fact that how parents can support and catalyse the development of their child’s prefrontal cortex through Strength Based Parenting. These nuggets of experiences add up to increase their confidence and thereby overall well being in the long run.

Please do share your Positive Parenting Experiences!

Cheers 🙂

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