Role & Journey of A Belief Consultant

As our children keep growing and start making sense of their surroundings, observations, awareness, safety and to some extent in making everyday choices, there is a background process that runs in their brain, that is of building beliefs. It is these beliefs that help them in shaping up their journey of life and making futureContinue reading “Role & Journey of A Belief Consultant”

Prevention of A Negative Emotional Contagion

Dear Friends, today, we are going to share a strategy around the less-discussed aspect of parenting. We are referring to the rare moments when children use emotionally inflicting words with parents, causing distress, that most likely ruins the mood of the family. The usual way of handling such instances, considered to be an age-old, easy-to-goContinue reading “Prevention of A Negative Emotional Contagion”

Family Art Activity for A Blissful Life

Recently, we have heard a lot of awareness being created for Mindfulness Psychology. We came across this term for the first time while studying Applied Positive Psychology at TSPP. At that time, we did not know much about the power of mindfulness. However, it was only with the scaffolding of this module under the ableContinue reading “Family Art Activity for A Blissful Life”